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Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning  Systems 

The ducted air conditioning system proves very efficient for keeping the temperature in large spaces and multiple rooms consistent at the same time. This air conditioning system is powered by a compressor that is installed outside while the indoor unit is concealed in the ceiling or floor inside your home or office. The system works by transporting conditioned air through ductwork to its diffuser grilles in different locations. This way , the ducted air conditioning system operates without taking up any space or interfering with your decor. Whether for residential or office purposes, the ducted air conditioning system is designed to provide maximum coverage and comfort in any season.

Benefits of the Ducted Air Conditioning System.

It is the quietest air conditioning system and operates without being seen.

Its installation does not interfere with any home or office decor.

It is suitable for large, medium and  small home or office spaces.

* It provides greater consistency and even distribution of conditioned air than the split system in larger spaces.

Grilles or vents can be positioned anywhere, even in partitions.


Split System Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners are designed to improve the the comfort and temperature in single rooms or specific areas. They utilise a small outdoor condenser and an indoor air unit to deliver either cold or heated air for the optimum comfort and convenience for every room in which they are installed. They are available in mini and multi-split systems and require no duct work.

Whether for cooling or heating purposes, split air conditioners are whisper quiet, energy-saving, and suitable for small budgets. They are powered by innovative technology, are user friendly, provide consistent individual comfort, and can be controlled using a small hand held remote, wall unit or even remotely  from your wifi device on wifi compatible systems.

Benefits of Split Air Conditioning

* Easy installation, in a small this system offers a seamless flexible installation process. It only requires a small      hole in the wall for the copper tubing and control wiring.

Inverter technology: This innovative feature enables the split air conditioning system us less power but    maintain a consistent temperature.

Easy maintenance: Thanks to its washable filters, the split system requires little routine maintenance. The outdoor unit also provides easy access to repair and maintenance.

Heating efficiency: Split air conditioning units incorporate a reverse cycle system. This means they function as  a heating and cooling system and can therefore provide optimal comfort all year round. It is also energy and  cost effective.

Its sleek design blends in seamlessly with room decor.

Service & repair

Regular Maintenance 

Just like a car your air conditioning systems will operate more efficiently with regular maintenance. With our Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance Programs we can ensure that your system maintains optimum performance and efficiency levels. Guaranteeing the lowest possible running costs and increasing your Air Conditioning systems life expectancy. Contact us for details on a specific Maintenance Program designed just for you.


Our quality air conditioning repair services are performed by professionally qualified HVAC service technicians. We have the experience, knowledge and tools to fix HVAC problems right the first time. All of our repair services are fully guaranteed 100% in writing for your full peace of mind. Koala Air Conditioning is fully licensed and insured in air conditioning repair, sales, installation and air conditioning maintenance for all major brands of air conditioning and most importantly we are ARC Tick certified. This means we are authorised to purchase and handle REFRIDGERANTS and work on your air conditioning equipment without voiding your warranty.